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11 Jul 2018

07 Sep 2017

01 Sep 2017

31 Aug 2017

30 Aug 2017

On March 25, 1957, representatives from the six founding countries of the European Community put their signatures to the Treaties of Rome, consisting of blank pages due to a problem with the printing. Sixty years on, Europe “is an enormous success”, but today it also has “blank pages still to be filled in” for the project to continue with its process of completion. This was the metaphor used by Jose Manuel González-Páramo, the CEO of BBVA, to describe the current situation of the EU.

10 Aug 2017

Google believes that in-house talent development is one of the keys to success. It is necessary to “promote technology from an early age. Just as there are role models in painting, film or sports, we also need to have role models, people younger generations can look up to, capable of sparking their interest on this field.”

09 Aug 2017

Every year, BBVA Open Challenges proposes a number of challenges aimed at finding solutions to the challenges identified in different areas of the bank. The registration phase for two new editions of this contest will open in August: Challenge F4C, covering proposals to transform the relationship between banks and customers; and Challenge Global Trends, which seeks to transform the trading of tomorrow through augmented reality and intelligent algorithms.

04 Aug 2017

18 Jul 2017

12 Jul 2017

28 Jun 2017

27 Jun 2017

23 Jun 2017

How peoples’ behavior affects the economy and how their conduct can be educated so they can aspire to a better present and future wellbeing. That was the central idea of the panel Behavioral economics and financial education, moderated by Jorge Sicilia, director of BBVA Research. The participants included Josh Wright, executive director of Ideas 42; Carlos Ramírez, chairman of the National Commission for Retirement Savings of Mexico and Hugo Ñopo, senior researcher at the Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE).

22 Jun 2017

19 Jun 2017

15 Jun 2017

Education and financial inclusion are the principal themes of EduFin Summit 2017, the first global encounter organized by the BBVA Center for Financial Education and Capability. For two days, the world´s leading experts will meet in Mexico City to discuss how to help people improve their lives and access new opportunities, by means of financial knowledge.

09 Jun 2017

08 Jun 2017

Carlos Torres Vila, CEO of BBVA, took part in the Encuentro Bancario Iberoamericano, (Ibero-American Bank Meeting) held today in Madrid. Asked how technology is conditioning the future of banking institutions, he said that “technology and globalization are affecting the banking business in a critical manner,” but that they also “allow us to do things more quickly and improve the experience of our customers.”

07 Jun 2017

During an informal conversation with Financial Times journalist Laura Noonan, Francisco González noted that these days everybody is talking about digital change, but “we have been working on it for years.”  Transforming the bank “is not just a matter of platforms. The big challenge is changing an incumbent into a new digital company.” Francisco González made these remarks during his participation in the closing of MoneyConf 2017, one of the top events in the European fintech calendar, held this year in Madrid.

Ricardo Gómez Barredo, Director of Accounting & Supervisors at BBVA taught the Rafael Termes Lesson at the University of Navarra’s School of Economics. “A clear and fair regulatory framework will contribute to financial stability, innovation, customer protection and efficiency gains in the market,” he told the 27th class at the School of Economics and twelfth class receiving a dual degree in Law.

06 Jun 2017

BBVA’s Global Head of Customer Solutions, Derek White, explained this morning that “It’s not longer about products, but about helping customers with their financial lives.” White participated in MoneyConf’s panel “Competition makes you smarter: Customer Centric banking,” where he exchanged ideas with Zopa CEO Jaidev Janardana and moderator Andrea Rexer, finance editor at Süddeutsche Zeitung.

In a complex environment with interest rates at an all-time low, what business models make sense for both banks and customers? Finding the best idea that answers this question was the challenge for Open Talent Ideas, and the Garanti payment method team – BBVA’s bank in Turkey – won.

05 Jun 2017

29 May 2017

25 May 2017

22 May 2017

BBVA will be hosting the first seminar with Latin American regulators this week, during which the region’s top officials will analyze how to apply and regulate innovation in the banking services of the future.The event is organized in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and will be held at BBVA Bancomer’s Innovation Center, Mexico City, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

18 May 2017

The B20 -a forum made up by companies from G20 countries– plays a key role as a liaison between governments and the economy. It is “an essential link between the real economy and the authorities that have regulatory powers over that economy,” says José Manuel González-Páramo, Executive Board Director of BBVA. Companies also act as drivers of economic growth and inclusion. For this reason, the B20 “is crucial at this point in time.”

12 May 2017

20 Apr 2017

07 Apr 2017

07 Feb 2017

BBVA Compass took part in many events in the run up to Sunday’s big game, but it was the kid-friendly one that shined brightest. On Feb. 2, BBVA Compass hosted the 13 Make-A-Wish children headed to the game and their families for a private dinner at BBVA Compass Stadium. In addition to the dinner, the children and their families toured the Houston Dynamo and Dash’s home and spent time with Houston Texans Linebacker Brian Cushing and Houston Dash Forward Kealia Ohai. Hosting the event underscored the bank’s efforts to give back and create special opportunities as part of the big game festivities.

01 Feb 2017

– Income: Net interest income increased 3.9% in 2016 (+14.9% stripping out the impact of currencies). The fourth quarter was the year’s highest (€4.39 billion). Cost-containment efforts improved the efficiency ratio (51.9% in 2016)

– Risks: BBVA Group’s NPL ratio improved to 4.9% in December (from 5.4% at the end of 2015), with coverage ratio of 70%

– Capital: BBVA reached a fully-loaded CET1 ratio of 10.90%, after generating 58 basis points in the year. The Group maintains its 11% target for 2017

– Transformation: At the end of December 2016, BBVA’s digital customer base stood at 18.4 million (+20% y-o-y). Mobile customers grew 38% to 12.4 million

– Dividend: BBVA plans to implement the shareholder remuneration policy announced in 2013, which aims to distribute between 35% and 40% of profits to dividend payouts, with a 100% cash dividend

23 Jan 2017

19 Dec 2016

How should machines learn to make the most out of the data they handle? Based on how scientists answer this question, they can be grouped into five tribes. They all see themselves capable of finding a master algorithm capable of discovering knowledge from data, with huge implications for everything we do.

16 Dec 2016

02 Dec 2016

If there is something that unites the BBVA Paraguay team is its members’ passion for the brand. And no other color reflects that passion better than blue.

17 Nov 2016

14 Nov 2016

Ciudad BBVA held Encuentro Promociona, which helps women land senior management positions and seats on boards of directors. The event was presided over by Queen Letizia of Spain and attended by BBVA Executive Chairman Francisco González; the president of the CEOE business association, Juan Rosell; and the Minister of Healthcare, Social Services and Equality, Dolors Monserrat.

07 Nov 2016

02 Nov 2016

As an employee of the National Entrepreneurship Institute (Inadem), Tortajada gives us an overview of the efforts being made by the public sector to support entrepreneurship in the country. She explains that strong alliances have been made with the private sector to reinforce the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem in Mexico. She is one of the 33 Mexican innovators interviewed for the eBook ‘Hablan los protagonistas’ (The key players speak).

27 Oct 2016

-Income: Positive trends in recurring revenues (NII plus fees and commissions) continued between January and September, boosting gross income to €18.43 billion (+5.1% y-o-y)

-Risks: The Group’s NPL ratio remained stable and stood at 5.1% at the end of September, the same level as in December 2012, while the coverage ratio was 72%

-Capital: BBVA achieved its 2017 capital goal ahead of schedule. The fully-loaded CET1 ratio stood at 11%, with a capital generation of 29 basis points in the quarter

-Transformation: BBVA’s digital customer base stood at 17.2 million (+20% in the past year). Of these, 11 million are mobile customers (+41%)

The BBVA Group earned €2.8 billion between January and September 2016, up 64.3% from the same period a year earlier. Stripping out the impact of corporate operations and currency fluctuations, growth reached 15.0%. Net attributable profit rose to €965 million in the third quarter.

05 Oct 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila explained this morning that BBVA wants “to be more than a bank. It wants to be an engine of opportunities” for its customers. “We are living transformative times in which the arrival of new technologies is creating new opportunities everywhere and BBVA wants to be there to be the best bank for its customers,” he maintained. Carlos Torres Vila participated in the South Summit, one of the most important fintech events in Spain, held in Madrid.

03 Oct 2016

With the cold air and cloudy sky, spring did not appear to be embracing the guests at the world’s most important art fair held every year in Basel (Switzerland). This small city, Basel, is characterised by its location on the northern frontier of Switzerland, bordering with France and Germany and every spring it makes itself ready for the artistic commotion implied when hosting the year’s most important contemporary and modern art event: Art Basel.

14 Sep 2016

12 Sep 2016

19 May 2016